heres my latest short, feedback would be great. i got some bad feedback the last time wich i thinks has help me so please tell me what you think,
Thanks, Harley

I think it’s much better than your last one. I like the way the belly moves. Too bad the leaf he is sitting on and the water don’t show any movement at all.

Hi Harley,

Seems to be a big improvement over your last piece. You’ve got the eyes doing a lot of work whereas you had no eye movement in the last one. I can’t see anything wrong with it. The drawing’s good, the color’s good, the action’s good, the sound level is OK and the “fly snatch” is fine. There is a red mark on the “Y” in Harley on the credits, is that deliberate?


wow, thanks for the great feedback, i was a bit worried with the rumbling sound effect the only 1 i could find was really poor quality.
and yeh that red mark on the Y, if u look close its the squashed fly. lol

Looks prettie good :smiley:
If i may sudgest, you could try add a little transform/stretching the frog as he swallows the fly before the belly starts to move. Just an idea but i like seeing how you improve :slight_smile: