Freezing my whole computer while exporting

I have divided my scenes up now tried to export them. Half of them export but this one keeps freezing at random areas making my whole computer freeze. I deleted sound so it is only my drawings, why is this happening?
I export it as movie on high settings with the internet streaming box unchecked

So no one can help?

Well my first thought is that your system cannot handle what you are asking it to do.

Can you describe the content of your project (i.e. length, resolution, any bitmap images or brushes used, deformations?, etc.)?

Also describe your computer specs?

Generally you should be working on small segments at a time. Later take the rendered files and assemble them in a video editor.

Probably a quicktime problem. I just personally render write notes as pgn and then import it as a sequence in premier.

I divided my projects into 25 second scenes in different files. Is there a general consensus on how long max your video can be on here because I’m just 16 and didn’t know about a lot of this stuff til a couple weeks ago

What exactly do you do after you render write nodes?

That sequence is in the “Frames” folder of the project file folder. You then import it into premier, change speed to 24 fps and place it in the timeline sequence.