freehand cutter limitations

Is there a way to manipulate a section that is cut with the freehand cutter, other than moving it or deleting it? Would it not be an easy programming option to be able to free transform a cut section? Or is this possible and I am missing something?

I have a “workaround” which I’ll try to describe. After using the freehand cutter to make your selection, use the “scissors” to cut it, then switch to the “arrow” select tool, then paste. Your selection will now appear with the orange outlines and all the transform handles. (You have to do the steps in exactly this order) Hope that helps! :)Also, if you are flattening drawings, I noticed you can use the freehand cutter to effectively isolate one area to flatten.A “missing” feature I would like to see added in a future edition is the “Invert Selection” that I find very useful in Photoshop.

Another workaround is to define the freehand cutter area, then move it a bit, this will cut it and then change to the Select tool to reshape move it.