Freehand Cutter and Windows Visual C++ Runtime Error

Windows Visual C++ Runtime Error— Does anyone know how to fix this? When I use the freehand cutter to cut and paste, occasionally, upon pasting, I get this error message pop up, and then Toonboom Storyboard Pro crashes ( “Must close” message pops up). I am using 8.1.0 build 4362, both on my home PC running Windows XP Home edition and my PC at the studio where I work running Windows XP Professional; this only happens at home. If I can get a screen capture next time, I’ll add it to this post!

Hi,The version you are using is an unofficial release of the software so you might want to get in contact with whoever provided you the version concerning this.The error itself is usually related to the fact you ran out of ram memory to perform the task though there might have been memory management improvement in released version of the software (1.5). In any case make sure to get in contact with your sales representative.Regards,Ugo