Free Trial Download isn't working

I downloaded the Free Trial of Harmony Essentials to see what I’d be like to have it. I downloaded the free trial and when it comes up to install, I chose English and I clicked Setup to install, and afterwards I click on the big text Harmony Essentials and I install it, and after it finishes it just closes and the little Setup window is still there and the screen that has Quick Time and Adobe Flash and etc. is still there, but there isn’t any Icon on my desktop, or and files that run the program. I have the files downloaded in programs 86X and ToonBoom and the files are there but nothing to run the program. My trial has already started and ends Dec.23, please help

Good evening,

Included with the trial is free kick-start support. Contact and they will be able to help you get your trial running.
I am so sorry about the inconvenience.


I have not restarted my computer, I’ll try that but I never received anything telling me to. I’ll tell you if it worked.

I restated and re-installed but it still hasn’t worked. After the instillation wizard is done, and I click Finish, it just closes the window, the Harmony 12 Essentials Instillation window is still there as well as the actual instillation set-up window from the website. I also have to sleep now, so I’m hoping that this will be answered by the time I wake up and or get home from school.

Have you checked to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements?

Did you restart your computer after installation?