free movie editing software

For those of you who are in need of movie editing software
here is a link to avid free dv both windows and mac

i have not personally used this software but it looks similar to
finale cut and primer which i have

I do however highly recommend that you check out the tutorial
for the product and if your system has the proper requirements download
i think you will find it a huge benefit for editing all toon boom projects

movie editing software is key to creating finished projects
for example it will allow you to do inter cuts between 2 characters talking
with out the need for pegs
simply do a lock-down of character 1 and export, then do the same too character 2
you can build multiple angle shoots of the same 2 characters
by just shooting a scene and export
( note when working with an external editor export you scenes uncompressed to the editing sftware so that your finale is at the best quality )

you’ll find using movie editing software a huge time saver
not to mention the audio benifts, text and film transitions

check it out


i have this software for a few months on my machine already, but as i noticed the free dv version limits the layers to 2 video and 2 audio ones.

additionally as i tried to edit my movie i turned out the only input were images, not video files, do i get it right?

hi rob
though limited to
2 video and 2 audio I think you’ll find that enough to get a really good movie
imove only has one lane and you can make great stuff on that
and once again it’s free

(note i use a mac )

select quicktime
then options ( in options page) make sure you have quicktime selected
in the uper option field and not graphic
next select format options for more choices

i did a test and imported a mov. then did and export in non compression mode works fine

like I said I don’t really use this I have finale cut
but a lot of users don’t so this would be a good jump point