Free-Form Deformation Does Not Render/Export Out

This seems to be a recurring issue because I’ve seen a lot of posts about it, but they are all a bit different. And I did not find any Forum or Discussion describing how to fix or change anything, so I thought I’d just make a Post and see if I get lucky.

At some point, I noticed my Free-Form Deformation stopped Rendering, while other Deformation Chains worked just fine.

So I don’t know what Changed, because it was working some time ago. And I’ve gone through and redone some of the Node Chains, and Free-Form is still the only Deformation not rendering.

I’m currently on the Trial Version of Harmony 17.0.2 Premium

I don’t want to buy this program if I can’t make a good Render by the end of the Trial Period. Though I do love all the Effects and UI, I hope I can figure this out.

Here are Screen Shots for example one of the Deformation Chains, and OpenGL View vs. Render View.