Free Deformers

Hi guys!
I was wondering if you’ve ever tried to use a free deformer in a different way, I mean, not only for texture animation but even for main shape.
For example, an open coat -divided in front and back layers and body/shirt in the middle-
I’m trying to do something like this and it working quite nicely but these are my questions:

  • usually you don’t connect a peg under an usual deformer, I’ve tried with a free deformer and it looks quite nice but I don’t know if it’s a correct way, because the system is new and I’ve only found tutorials with animated texture examples:

  • I’ve created a system connecting freedeformer points to peg’s function by expressions, translation X and Y to peg rotation for example (I’ve did for a skirt and a knee) it looks working, but in a less limited way, I mean, if I rotate the peg the point translates along X axis but if I move the same free deformer point it still moving a little (but it’s good because you can still modify and improve the pose).

  • In a different rig , I’ve tried to change the weight of the points, but it’s not working, I’ve only changed the value but it looks the same when I move the point - it’s a symmetrical 9 points system: first one on the top then 3 on the left side, one on the bottom, 3 on the right side and one on the center in the middle of the line between the right and left center points.

I always try to use your new features in different ways, so sorry if my questions are not that canonic.

Waiting for a feedback, have a great day you all!

Solved… in a way.
Envelope doesn’t work if it is linked to freedeform, check in render view (same as mesh warp)
but if you connect free deformer’s point to a peg by expressions, creating controls, the system works.
I’m answering, even on my own, because maybe someone could look for same question and this is what I’ve found 'til now