Frames skipping 31 ahead

Hi Folks

I’m using Toon Boom Studio 4 and up until 20 minutes ago it was working fine. I was in the middle of working on an animation when things have started mucking up. I can’t remember doing anything out of the ordinary but if I’ve knocked or changed something by accident any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It is now not letting me draw frames next to each other. When I draw something and then click off it, it jumps ahead 31 spaces before I can draw the second frame. As I said this only happened 20 mins ago, up until then there was no problem. Has anyone else had this issue, does it sound familiar and is there anything I can do to fix it???

Thanking you in advance

Jon :slight_smile:

You are seriously testing my prior version knowledge with this question. I suspect you are using an older version of TBS probably 4.0 or earlier. There was a problem that when the SYNC CURRENT FRAME feature was checked on the FUNCTION EDITOR panel that it would cause a problem with selecting a specific frame in the TIMELINE, exactly as you have described. The solution is to go to the FUNCTION EDITOR and un-check the box for SYNC CURRENT FRAME. I don’t believe this problem exists in versions from 4.5 on. Let us know if this does not solve your current issue of frame selection. -JK

You are a star and a gent and an all round awesome egg. That did the trick, I must have ticked it by accident (although I don’t remember doing so). Still it’s all good to go and you have my imense thanks for it ;D ;D ;D