Frames per second?Where is the seconds indicator?

Hey is there anyway I can see an indicator of the number of seconds the frames in my timeline have come too?
At the bottom right of the camera view in animate/harmony there is a small indicator of the number of frames the timeline bar has sat on. Even so I’d like to know If there is anyway way Toonboom can indicate the amount of time I have reached in relation to the frames.

If this isn’t available then it’s a feature request.

This you can easily make yourself. Just create a new layer and write the numbers from 1 and up to the desired amount on the place you prefer to show it on the screen. One number in each frame. Here you have the frames. Then create a new layer for the seconds. Write the numbers as described above for the desired seconds, then right click and choose - exposure - set exposure. Set the exposure to 24 (if that’s your frame rate). Now you have the seconds. Add the two layers to a peg. Store it to your library so you can use it in any project. You can now turn it on and of as you want, or move it to were you want it on the screen.( remember to turn animation button of to avoid it flying around) You can easily make a lot of similar arrangement.Here is a link to a “barsheet timer” I made last year.: Best regards-Ivar

I’ve taken note of this one as a feature request. Thanks!

Thanks lily!