Frames missing in Quicktime ProRes 4444 & 4444XQ exports


I am a new user to TBH. Recently I have animated a project in 24fps, but I am animating on 2’s.

Whenever I export using QuickTime ProRes 4444 or 4444XQ (alpha matter or no alpha matte), always some of my frames seem to be missing from my final export, creating this flickering

However when I export in any other format the animation looks fine with no missing frames.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas on how to solve this issue!


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If you are using TBH21 Premium, export using ‘Render Write Nodes’ over ‘Movie’ seems to fix the issue.

Don’t forget to setup the ‘Write Node’ for export in the Node view.

Hope this helps out.

Or try this work around posted here in the forums

Hi Steenbeck! Unfortunately I do not have ToonBoom Premium, just advanced, however the trick you posted on the other forum worked! Thank you so much for this solution. You are awesome:)

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Your are welcome barb3films, glad to hear it worked out for you!