frames keep disappearing

I have heard of toon boom crashing and because I save frequently it’s no problem for me, however shortly after the program crashes and I reopen it and continue working frames suddenly vanish and sometimes deleting the audio. One shot may be left untouched but then every other sketching frame is gone, and sometimes whole layers vanish! it makes it impossible to work because it just happens. I’m working on my project and when I go back to play it I find half of the beginning is gone!!! It’s really upsetting me now it’s happened twice and I couldn’t find people with similar problems. I am really confused because it’s random frames and layers that just vanish. I can’t click undo because i have no idea WHEN they vanished and can’t find anyway of getting them back. Please help because I cannot work in toonboom at all with this issue

Be aware that Animate and Animate Pro before V3 are 32-bit programs limited to
1.6GB of systems RAM which is not much for today’s animating working environments
(high resolution projects settings and monitors).

For the best results using the software don’t name things using spaces, accented letters
or special symbols (including the folder structure where you are editing projects from).

Edit projects only from the internal hard drive of the system because other drive types
are not always responsive enough to keep-up. Avoid editing projects from folders linked
to cloud storage - these introduce delays that can potentially corrupt the project.

If you believe none of the above suggestions apply, contact support to have a look
at the context under which you are experiencing these issues.