framerate not exporting correctly

Hey, I am exporting a file in toom boom animate pro but it never exports at the framerate i want. it seems to be playing the video at 24 frames a second when i want it at 12, videos play at 24 frames a second but i want my video to be exported at 12 frames (showing each frame twice) something is wrong because the video should be playing for 4 seconds but only goes for 2 seconds. ive tried so many things with no luck. I set the current frames to 12 frames a second (it is even set up in animate pro to do so) but the videos keep getting exported at 24 frames thus making my video play faster. Interestingly, when i export as an swf file the video plays correctly at 12 frames a second.

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You need to make sure that you set the framerate in the Scene Settings dialog. Go to Scene > Scene Settings, and set the framerate here.

There are 3 places where you can set the framerate. The Scene Settings dialog will affect the framerate for export.

If you change the framerate in the playback toolbar, that will change only the framerate for playback. If you do a TestSWF Movie from here it will use this framerate. This is not the actual framerate for the export.

The last place where you can set the framerate is in the Quicktime Dialog box itself. When you set the framerate here, this does not override the Scene Settings dialog.

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Glad to have helped you with your issue!