Framerate 29,7

I normally work with 25 frame a seconds but now I will animate a commercial that will be shown on US TV so then its´ framerate 29,7.
But you cant set that in animate.

How do you solve that problem or do you have an idea of that an alt. workflow?

/ best regards


Internally, Animate cannot work in 29.7, it only can work in full frame rates, in this case 24, and the audio is sampled in Animate at full frames rates (24 in this case). Also the movie export (Quick Time), here is no real conversion of frame rate happening from Animate.

On the other hand, normally, this is taken care by the post suite (Final Cut or Avid) when importing the clips, because there is a “transcoding” that will change the rate to the one in the main project. Since the final output always needs to go through post production level, this conversion also can be done in post production.