Frame Selection Problem

My simple project was working fine, then, all of a sudden, could no longer select specific individual frames.

Selection would jump randomly 2, 4, 9 frames away from where I clicked.

Tried closing and reopening. No success.

Tried copying and pasting my layers, one at a time, into a new document. Similarly no success - same problem in new doc.

Be appreciative for any suggestions.

You are seriously testing my prior version knowledge with this question. I suspect you are using an older version of TBS probably 4.0 or earlier. There was a problem that when the SYNC CURRENT FRAME feature was checked on the FUNCTION EDITOR panel that it would cause a problem with selecting a specific frame in the TIMELINE, exactly as you have described. The solution is to go to the FUNCTION EDITOR and un-check the box for SYNC CURRENT FRAME. I don’t believe this problem exists in versions from 4.5 on. Let us know if this does not solve your current issue of frame selection. -JK


Excellent! Worked just as you directed. Thanks so much.

And, yes - should have included in my post - using version 4.0.