Frame Rates!

If one chooses a 24 frame/sec (Pal res) setting, does that means the animation will be faster; and the drawings should be made and that in mind? I mean if I draw a hand that is waving, should I make 6 different frames instead of 3?

Sorry for my english!!! I hope you understand what I mean :-[

To better understand animation timing and how the Frame Rate is used, I suggest you read these articles which I wrote, then if you still have questions ask them here. I hope this helps -JK

Understanding Timing For Animation

Hey JK, your article was just what I needed. God bless you. I really can’t thank you enough. I wish you post a passage from that article and then make a link to the original one at the end of that passage (for further reading). Because I searched the forum before I posted my question, and I couldn’t find anything like that…

Many thanks once again…


might depend on the wording of your search. JK’s thread “Tips & Tricks” is tacked to the top of the tutorial section & has links to most if not all his articles.