frame rate

I don’t know which frame rate to use 12, 24, 25?
I am making a short animation lasting approx 4minutes.
I want to eventually out put it to DVD after saving it first as a quicktime movie.
I am using traditional animation, hand drawn and scanned into Toonboom.
I want smooth movements and had planned to do it on two’s and on one’s
for the fast stuff is this best?


24 fps is a film rate, the usual video rates are 25 fps (pal) and 30 (actually 29.97) for an ntsc.

unless you do your films for the web, where any kb of the file size still counts, i recommend to use the full frame rate.
in such way you can always do slower movements on 2s or 3s, whereas if your action gets quickier, the fastest movements can still get animated on 1s.

with this approach you can always have the smoothness of your animation look fully under control.

Thanks Rob for the sound advice.
I know it’s a lot of drawing but I think the end result will be much better.
Cheers Robbie