frame rate !

can we set different frame rates for different scenes ? ???

as far as i know: no.
and i know no software package where you can do this.
otherwise a.o. your continuous soundtrack would be mixed up.

but you can use other frame exposures for various scenes (i.e. one scene on 1s → each frame a new image, the other scene on 3s → three frames in a row are the same).

p.s. why would you want to do this?

I think you are confused as to the purpose of the frame rate. In animation the frame rate, as long as it is fast enough to support persistance of vision which is around 8-12 FPS, has only one purpose. It establishes your mathmatical basis for the calculation of screen time. So you set it to a constant value and that establishes how you calculate the number of frames needed to represent a desired amount of time. If you want something to be faster on the screen you use fewer frames and to be slower you use more frames. Actions are presented thru frames and the changes between the contents of those frames. The frame rate is just needed to establish how to determine how many frames are required once you decide on how much time the action needs. -JK