Frame rate problem

I am testing the demo of Toon Boom Studio but I can not play back the scene at 24 fps. I have set it to play back at 24 but It looks like 12 fps. I can output video and it play this back fine, at twice the speed. I am on a Mac G5 Dual core with OSX 10.4.7. I can’t understand this.

Other than this initial problem I am having, it’s a great program. I am very impressed.

OK I just did something that seemed to have corrected this. I changed the renderer from Quartz 2D to Open GL. Now my playback is all correct but why?

Hi Efflux,

The situation you have encountered is related to the performances of your machine. The Playback function uses the camera view which requires some rendering of frames. This mean the fact that you have something else running on your machine might slow out the output.

The most accurate preview you could have is Preview movie. This does a quicktime quick render which is not affected by your machine performances. You can also do a Quick Preview, this should be pretty accurate framerate wise but your might get some slowdown when you have big bitmap information and sound linked to your scene.

Hope this answers your question.

Best regards,