Frame rate..need help

y is it that when i go to PLAY then change my frame rate from 12 to 24 it plays 12 f/s in preview movie. it does, however work with the play butten above the drawing veiw. but not when i go to preveiw movie…I NEEP HELP :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what you are doing. As a general rule you shouldn’t be changing frame rates (FPS) once you start a project. The frame rate is a constant and all animation timing is calculated based on that constant. So set it before you do anything and leave it set. If you are doing as I suspect, which is changing the frame rate to see an action timed differently, that is not recommended animation practice. Change the number of exposures to change the timing. This is what the set exposure commands are used for. Take a look at this page in the Cartooning In Toon Boom Wiki. -JK

Adjusting and Tweaking

Also reference these articles on Animation Timing:
Understanding Timing For Animation Parts 1 -4

oops :stuck_out_tongue: lol

but ya i wasnt planning on using the changed frame rate. i was just looking at them, and just sort a fooling around and thats when i noticed that issue i asked about. but thanks.

ps gee. jk u always seem to come to the rescue for every friggin Question i ask. ur like a super hero for toon boom. 8)

Thanks for the nice words, I just try to contribute what I can because I know how difficult it can be to learn new skills. It is an important lesson that I learned years ago, “what goes around comes around, the person you help today may provide the help you need tomorrow.”-JK


well, seeing that helping u seems imposible cause u know just about everything, ill still try tell u if i discover something useful and tell u about it. :wink: