frame rate faster when I export

When I export to preview my movie in Toon Boom 4.5, it runs alot faster than when I view it in the camera view. It is as though the frame got faster. Why?

Is your scene pretty heavy, with a lot of drawings? When you play something in the camera view, sometimes it can play a lot slower if it has to load those frames into memory, if the frames are quite complicated.


I have two walking characters with the use of pegs, a background drawing and multiple props. Would that be considered to heavy?. Before I start deleting things I want to make sure I’m headed in th e right direction. Could it be I need more memory on my cumputer?

Well here’s a simple way of finding out if your scene is playing back at a slower speed. When you hit the play button, notice in the lower right-hand corner of the screen there is a place where you can see “Frame rate: 12.0 fps” or something similar. What is the number that shows up here? Is this the same number as your export settings when you export the scene?

You can change the playback fps of your scene by going to Play > Frame Rate > then selecting a number from the list. Is the number here the same as your output settings? Is the number that shows up on the lower right-hand side of the screen when you hit the play button very close to this number, or are they quite a bit different?

It turns out that my scenes were to heavy. I removed some of the drawings and found out the movements of my characters got faster. It seems as though you should set your peg movements before background drawings.