Frame marker - delete - edit

I have created a Frame Marker and want to delete/ edit it.
But even if I do like it says in the manual the delete/ edit option in the dropmeny is grayed.

Any ideas.

/ Mattias
using H advanced

I’m wondering the same thing. Anyone?

I’m guessing this is a bug that affects some machines. I can right-click on top of the timeline and do “scene markers/Mark Current Frame”. But once that’s done, there’s no way to edit or delete it. It will let me redo a marker on the same frame (eg. with a different colour and/or tooltip), but once I click OK the newer marker doesn’t actually get displayed. It’s like the initial marker is burned in forever. Closing and reloading the project doesn’t help.

Are we supposed to be able to select the little coloured rectangle marker itself? Because I can’t select it in any way - I wonder if that’s what’s preventing me being able to see the “delete marker” option on right-click.

I finally figured out how to do it.

To remove a frame marker, you have to first select that frame marker (the little rectangle itself). Unlike most other things on the timeline, you can’t select this by clicking on it. You have to click-drag it.

Select the little rectangle, then drag left or right until it’s highlighted in blue. You might need to start on an adjacent rectangle. Be careful not to click too high, or you’ll activate the red scrubber instead.

Once you have your desired frame selected, the “edit scene marker” and “delete scene marker” options will be available from the right-click menu.

So it looks like it’s not a bug - just a little piece of fiddly and intuitive interface design. Still, I’m so glad I can change those markers now!

btw, I’m using Windows 7


Now it works here too. Great that you solved it.

/ Mattias

hmm do you mean a Scene marker in the top of the timeline? if so you can hi-light it again, right click and go down to Scene Markers to delete/edit. however if you mean you marked a drawing as either a “key” or “breakdown” (the red K and blue B) you can get rid of that by simply marking it as an in-between (the green I). that will get rid of any marker on it believe it or not.

hope that helps!

I mean a frame marker. It is the same as scene marker but you just mark one frame and a scene marker marks several.
I cant make the delete/ edit function active.

/ Mattias

Wow. Grateful someone figured this one out! Is there even documentation on this piece of counterintuitive blunder? Unbelievable.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.

I will log the information to correct the documentation.
I will also transmit your feedback.

Thank you,