Frame issue.

I am following the butterfly tutorial. When I copy and paste a frame it creates the new frame on frame 3. But when I alter that frame in any way it seems to automatically effect all of the other frames. What is going on?

For example:
Frame A has the wings up.
I copy and paste frame A.
Now when I edit frame B to have the wings down it for some reason also has the changes effected to all of the other slides.
Now both frames A & B have the wings down.

Anyone know why this is happening?

It’s a bit tricky how it handles the frames, it sometimes links frames together so you change one and it changes both. What you want to do is make sure that you have two seperate frames. They’ll be seperate from the previous frame if you have a full line between the frames in the timeline rather than a little tick.

After you copy the frame over, right click on the new frame you copied in the timeline and then pick “duplicate drawings”. This will seperate the new frame as an actual new frame and not the same frame. It will draw a full line between the frames seperating them rather than the little “tick” line at the bottom.

There’s other ways to make seperate drawings as well like clicking create empty drawing in an empty frame.

The trick in the video is they didn’t copy the frame in the timeline, they copied the actual butterfly drawing in the camera view, but then pasted it into a blank frame in the timeline. This automatically seems to create a seperate frame. To do this go to the first frame, get the select tool (black arrow at the top), click in the camera area and then do edit->select all (or CTRL-A or just drag over your entire drawing. Copy (CTRL-C / Edit->copy) and then click an empty frame (frame 3) and Paste (Edit-> Paste / CTRL-V).

I’d create a new empty drawing for each frame I draw on and make sure your’e writing to the properly drawing when doing that and pasting. I think I know what you’re battling and it used to piss me off, although I’ve not run into that problem since my memory upgrades and a bit more skill has developed on my part.

Yeah these are the only ways I’ve worked out to solve the problem. But it just seems messier and more time consuming. There has to be a faster way, otherwise working on a 20min episode will take years to complete with one person animating it.