Frame by Frame Tutorials?

Hi all,
New here. I just got Animate recently and I have watched quite a few of the video tutorials. Is there one that describes frame by frame animating? I know it’s possible, but what does the work flow look like and what shortcuts will be utilized the most and all that jazz. Please let me know if you know.

Take a look at Tutorials Pack 16:Tradigital Animation. The videos go over the traditional animation tools and the process. And of course, the Xsheet.

Toonboom doesn’t offer as many advanced tools for frame by frame compared to cut out animation. if you are going traditional frame by frame, then you have to go through basically the whole process of rough animation → clean up → coloring and effects. Toonboom just makes it easier to organize. however i would say the only feature that is most useful i imagine for a traditional animator is the morphing tool, and you have to do many of them in order to be able use them effectively.

There’s also the Shift and Trace tool (Pro only) that’s pretty useful for tradigital animation. Also the painting system will save you lots of time in the end. But yes, generally, start out with roughs, do a clean layer, and off you go.