frame by frame sprite sheets export (for games)

Hi, in this link:

i read: You can export from Harmony using an image sequence, which can be recompiled into a sprite sheet. Toon Boom has even created an app to create the frame-by-frame sprite sheet.

i want to know, what app is???

i need create frame by frame sprite sheets.


hi, Toon Boom Harmony v10.3.1 (8858), it contains a script for exporting sprite sheets, there’s also documentation that goes with the game build

Thanks. could you tell me what i have to do in the soft to see that script? what i have to do to export a frame by frame sprite sheet from toon boom harmony?

open the scripts manager (if you can’t see the scripting toolbar add it), and you should see “TB_ExportToSpriteSheets” , add that to the toolbar and just click it

I recommend reading the gaming documentation that comes with the gaming release of toon boom harmony

Thanks biasless. but i cant see the “TB_ExportToSpriteSheets”
but don’t worry. already resolved it with an external software.
i don’t leave the name because i don’t know if i can put it here.

thanks anyway!