Frame by Frame in Toon Boom

I was trying to do a FxF animation in Toon Boom and I was wandering if its possible to make a FxF animation in animate by just drawing in the cells or is it necessary to add key frames?

If it is necessary to add key frames can someone please explain to me why/how is it different from just drawing in the cell to create FxF?

thanks much

to create frame by frame you just need to create new drawings.

So you won’t be using keyframes unless you apply effects that chnge over time.

Each time you draw in an empty cell you create a new drawing by default.

In Flash, whenever you have a drawing you have to have a keyframe. This is NOT the case in Toon Boom software. Drawings are separate from keyframes. You can tell whenever you have created a new drawing, because that cell will become grey in your timeline. So just click on the next cell and draw in it, and a new drawing will automatically be created.

The advantage to having drawings separate from keyframes is that you can have a series of drawings and then animate their position over time by adding a keyframe at the beginning and at the end. For example, by doing a walk cycle in place, then keyframing the character to move it across the screen.

In other words, a drawing is simply a drawing, and a keyframe is simply a storage container for position, rotation, and scale information.

Hope this helps.

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