Frame by Frame Help

I am new to Toon Boom studio and I seem to be having trouble with the most basic function: Frame by Frame animation. I am well versed in Flash and it is super easy. Just add a keyframe, move your item and add another keyframe. It seems that this simplicity is lost within Toon Boom. I have searched through the manual multiple times but the manual is written as if the user already knows all these basic functions and makes no mention of such basic functions. I spent over two hours simply trying to move a characters eyes from left to right and i can’t get it to work. I feel like an idiot. Can some please help explain how basic frame by frame animation works. Keep in mind that the elements of my movie are all bitmaps that i have imported to keep consistent with my drawing style so i am not working in vectors. Thanks!


Here are two article /tutorials that will probably help you make the transition to TBS. If you need additional help just ask. -JK

Toon Boom Fundamentals - The Basics part 1

Toon Boom Fundamentals - The Basics part 2