frame by frame animation


I want to do small scenes of frame by frame animation.
For each frame I draw essential postures of characters in external application (Photoshop or Manga Studio) and then import them in Toon Boom Animate.

After that I draw by hand the in-betweens in Toon Boom Animate, but there’s a problem : there are too many points or vertexes on the lines I draw with my pen or brush. How can I have only few points, on my drawn lines, like when you do a poly, for example, not thousands. I need to have few curvature points because after I draw all my in-betweens I want to correct the drawings, and dragging/curving/skewing the drawing from the points is the choice.



Freehand drawing tools always creates more complex paths in the drawings because each control point reflects any change in the trajectory.
However, in the drawing tools properties panel, there are two fields that you can modify for optimize pencil lines or brush lines: the smoothness, for pencil lines and: contour optimization, for brush lines. Type a value that reflect the smoothness you wish.
The polyline drawing tool works as centerline and may be adecuate to create simply and clean paths with a minimum control points. You can, finally, convert lines to brush if you wish contours. Hope that helps.


Yoryo’s absolutely correct. I just want to add that there’s also now the Smooth Editor, so that you can smooth your lines out after the fact. This may be of assistance to you. This tool is nested under the contour editor tool.

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thanks guys, actually it works very well

when I import and vectorize stuff it does really really many dots/vertexes but if I import the image and vectorize on one layer and then add another drawing layer and re-draw in Toon Boom, the lines will have significantly less dots so you can easily manage, skew and distort the drawn lines…

thanks for advice :slight_smile: