frame buttons grayed out

Hi all -

on the tool bar, the first, next, prev, last frame buttons are grayed out. I have some five elements defined with a total of about 30 frames so i know it’s not the fact that there are no frames defined… not sure what could be set to cause this … thanks, dan

Make sure your playback range is correctly set. It is in the Play menu.


Hi Simon -

interesting … the playback range was set on automatic fit … i had to change the setting to free, then the end frame value to 99999 … the buttons now work … you would think that set at the default ‘automatic’, the project would not be looking at any ending value … what is really interesting is that this project and the one prior (just started both actually) are both having the problem - those before it ( completed ones) are fine and all are set at the automatic default… not sure what has changed… i moved these frames up to my library, created a new project from scratch and brought things back in to see what would happen, and same result … cannot frame past the second frame unless I change from the automatic setting … weird… thanks for the help … dan