Forums not working

So these Forums are supposed to help people with their issues with toonboom but every time I click on a link that talks about the problems I am having it says that the page doesn’t exist or that it is private. I have my account so if it is private who can actually see it? I almost feel like toonboom takes them down as these problems are coming from the core of the program. Things like not being able to erase/edit anything on your frames once you close and reopen the animation. Like I would finish 10 frames or so and when I come back to the animation I can’t select, erase, nor modify anything in them, how does a premium animation programs can be so useless??? how am I supposed to make a good animation if I can’t go back and fix my frames??? TV paint is a better software I wish it was industry standard instead of toon boom.



What links do you mean?
Any examples?

every single link on google search turn out like this. Where i can find the solution for my problem?

Yeah I’ve been having the same problem. I’ll google a problem previously asked on the forums, only to see that EVERY SINGLE LINK is broken. This is beyond frustrating.

As an animation professor, I’ve always depended on the forums as a resource for students to use when they’re working in Harmony outside of class. Losing the google search links has been a heavy blow to the learning experience

It’s working fine now.