Forum updates, Fixes

Hi Fellow forum users / toonists,

This may have been a subject of discussion previously, but i only recently decided to start being a bit more active on the forums having now spent past year learning Animate Pro (always learning of course! ), and i have a couple of observations / suggestions…

.1. Some sort of notifications when a post is responded to or you have been involved in ( other than subscribe).
.2. Be able to create a ‘footer’ template for when you post
.3. To Not have video links not showing!
.4. Better search

It looks like there are some really good helpful members here, these are merely a few wishlist items that i think could make it more enjoyable. Ideally the toolset of something like PHPBB forum software would add plenty of useful tools, just saying.

So are there any plans to make changes to the forum, or do i settle in and accept life? :smiley:

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Hi, Jason,
Thank you so much for your kind advise, i already forward your suggestion to the web team.