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I often find myself searching for forum posts using the keyword “script” to get a glimpse of what issues others have went through, and how those solutions could help my own problems. I also noticed the idea of a forum section for scripting being discussed, but never implemented.

As someone who is intermediate at programming, and self taught, I could use all the support and documentation I can get. A small community for tech artists who work in this software would be an ideal resource, since finding people with knowledge and experience is incredibly difficult at the moment. It might also entice new beginners to scripting, and make it less daunting to learn.

Hopefully others agree,

Liza Desya

Hello Liza! I really think a stronger Toonboom Tech Artist community would be a great! I dabble quite a bit with toonboom expressions and have just started diving more into Toonboom Scripting.

If we can’t get a dedicated scripting section in these forums, we could always make our own ToonboomTechArtist subreddit or something! I talked to one of my Toonboom Tech artist friends (Who has helped me learn a bit more about toonboom scripting) and he would be interested in a Tech artist community too!



It’s fantastic that others have the same interests. I know a few others that might be interested in a similar setup.

I’m thinking that it might be better to have a discord chat since sustaining a subreddit would be more difficult with a small number of people.

I whipped one up in case you’re interested.

  • Liza Desya

For sure. I know that ToonBoom is putting a lot of focus into developing community right now, so hopefully, they listen to this suggestion.

It would be a good place to share scripts, receive script suggestions, and to ask questions.

Meanwhile, I made a discord for anyone who wants a place to converse about these things.

Feel free to join!

I’m agree with LizaDesya’s idea. Toon Boom Forum needs “Scripting” category.
There were multiple people have asked this before but never materialized.
We currently only have “Support and Troubleshooting” category available so its not easy to keep track of script related categories.

In general, tt’s really not a good platform for building “communities” as people ask questions, they whether get or not get answers and then never come back.

Do you mean the development community as in developers or developing a community of users?

How do you know this is taking place?

I was talking about the general community, not development.

If you look at Jason’s reply to this post here, this is what I mean:

“I’m in the process of learning Harmony as well! I’ve talked to a few folks at ToonBoom who are working on this very thing - building up the community. I’m very excited about that.”

I’ve been hearing the same thing from different people, so hopefully that’s the direction that they’re taking. I’m just suggesting that toonboom put some of that interest into the scripting area, because it definitely calls for such.

-Liza Desya

Hi all!

We are in the process of evaluating everything regarding the current forum, its structure, and its features, so I greatly appreciate this thread for bringing forward the idea of having an area for scripting discussion.

While its own sub-forum may not be possible for now, I think you’ll be seeing some changes very soon that’ll at least give us a thread for all scripting related discussion to live in.

If you all have other ideas, please let me know, I’m all for listening to what all of you want!


Thank you for addressing this topic. It’s a shame that a sub-forum can’t be created. However, I’m excited to hear what solutions you guys come up with.

The discord chat that I created and posted above has gained some traction. Through the forums and word of mouth, the chat has garnered quite a few people who are either experienced in ToonBoom technical direction or are eager to learn. If you were to take a look, you’d see the kind of interest and desire for a community of this type.

If you’re open to ideas, I would request that one of your technically well-versed staff to join our chat. If any of the staff are interested in helping riggers and TDs learn more about the more intricate parts of ToonBoom, it would be great to have them around. Of course, that’s a big request, and I have no expectations. Just throwing it out there.

Otherwise, can’t wait to see the new developments that you guys are working on.

  • Liza Desya

Hey Liza,

By any chance is that discord still open and active? Looks like the invite link expired and I would love to jump in and chat more about scripting in Toon Boom!

This comment has been deleted.

The chat is invite only now because we got a bunch of people, and want to keep out random trolls! If anyone is interested in joining the community, throw me an email at, and ill sent a temporary link.

Invite Invalid. :frowning:

The way this forum software allows posts to be nested with each existing post creates a mess to comprehend in sequence.

The Discord chat is exclusive now and an invitation comes from Liza Desya. Send her an email:

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