Forum - New separate Board for Scripting (scripts, script modules and expressions)


I think it would be great if there was a separate board for all posts dealing with scripting.

And it would be even better if it had 3 sub-boards classed by scripts, script modules and expressions.

What do you think?


I reactivate this thread because some days ago in another topic we talked about the difficulties of finding information on scripting.
I think a separate board for this would help to create some clarity about the already existing knowledge about that topic on this forum.

Very much in agreement here. Lily was very active in providing scripts when she was here years ago, but a dedicated board and script repository would be great.

The script repository is a great idea!

Yeah, in there tutorial videos, they say things like, “oh we have a great script to do this, just phone support and they’ll send it to you”.
But how can we ask for a script, that we don’t know exists?

Furthermore, I think that a board called ‘Feature Requests’ for Harmony would be very useful as well.
For instance, this only exists for Animate of which development was stopped.

The idea of a separate board for scripting is not new. I just stumbled over this old thread where 4 years ago Lilly, the former (and last really actif) forum moderator, mentionned by herself the idea of adding a section for scripts on the forum.

We can think about creating a section on the website where we can house scripts, it may be something that we can put on the Tips and Tricks section. Or of course if anyone has written some useful scripts, then we could keep a section on the forums for users to post their own scripts.

A board for scripts and scripting would really help the harmony community, I think! I started a thread for people to post scripts, since they have been talking about having another board for four years, and nothing has happened yet. :confused:

I want the next person who’s looking for a script to be able to find things easier.

I know there are wizards out there who can just learn this stuff, but I’m no good at it. I just want to use all the already publicly available stuff to use to improve my animation and rigging.

This really is one of the difficulties with harmony, there just aren’t the resources available for people to use. If there was more of a community around scripting, then there would be a stronger user base.

yes please

OK! Looking into that. :slight_smile:

I will let you know if it happens. :slight_smile:


Okay dokay, thanks a lot for looking into that. :slight_smile: