forum merging suggestion

Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to join studio/animate/whatever else they have forums for into one large forum.

Then add a WIP forum for all the different users (currently there arean’t enougth animate users here to make it worth while).

It would also add some soft advertising for upgrading and workflows.

I don’t think that would be a good idea because I can see people posting stuff and not saying what program it is for, thus causing confusion.

you would still have the application specific forums, just one larger main page like most sites use.

I agree with AlexF, I think it would just cause confusion.

I actually, over a year ago, put forth an idea to have separate Animate and Animate Pro forums. I use Animate and can’t afford Pro and yet I even have the intrusion of Pro in the manual!

I print out the manuals but I don’t want all of the pages concerning Animate Pro. So I had to spend more time than I wanted in weeding out the Animate from the Animate Pro when printing. The 50 + effects and the nodal workflow is great and makes me salivate but that is not what I have in Animate and I don’t want that in my Animate manual.

I guess I understand the need to advertise the features of your Pro program but I just don’t agree that it should be done in the manual in such a way. I bought Animate and I should have a streamlined manual that encompasses Animate and not have all of the excess fat so to speak.

Well i guess it isn’t such a good idea then.

Another option would be a single generic category that appears in all the forms for off topic/news/WIP that all the different forums.

The problem with splitting up pro and normal users is we still need to grow this forum. However maybe an option would be a “Pro feature only” forum section.

The reason that the Animate and Animate Pro are one forum is I think because the Animate Pro users can run into many of the same issues as regular Animate users. There are only some rare circumstances where someone is asking a Pro-specific question, and in that case hopefully they state so so that you don’t bother reading that topic.

Toon Boom Support

I’ve migrated to 3D now …but 2D is my first love and I’m still on TBS mailing list and get their promotion from time to time.
I’ve only owned TBS and never used Animate.

I believe the original intent of this post is to jump start what seems like either a dieing art form …or a dieing company. Five years ago the TBS boards were more active.

And back then using TBS… Animate was like a different company …and with the traffic it seemed that this company was happy keeping things that way.

I believe the originator of this post was trying to get a group that shared the same art form regardless of which tools they use. Had this been done back when I was using TBS …who knows …maybe I would have bothered to look at Animate.

Now I see less post in a week at TBS boards than I’m used to seeing in a day …“back in the day”! :frowning:

Yeah that is somewhat my point. If there were general forums we could share which in turn would generate more traffic to the software specific forums.

Like you said we are basically doing the same thing. Creating 2D animation.

I didn’t want to put studio and animate posts in the same forum section, but we could certainly put general technique, WIP, feedback on work, etc all together for the different software.

Like for you doing 3D people using Maya, Max, even blender can have the lots of discussion despite using totally different software.