Forum feature related

I am sure the new reCAPTCHA screening helps to discourage SPAM here.

Can the topics be customized?

The reason I ask is because the images for “Storefronts” are not clearly identifiable in many cases. Most of the examples look like something that is located in the worst areas of a town with handmade signs plastered all over the walls and windows along with plenty of trash and graffiti. Sometimes you cannot tell whether it is a storefront, a warehouse, a restaurant or a storage facility. Any mistake prolongs the reCAPTCHA stage.

You can click “skip” to get to a captcha you like better.

so much for the spam discouragement.

the general harmony forum is being flooded with nonsense spam.

Skipping or hitting refresh successfully gets around storefronts. But it is taking 4-7 screens to get to the point where I can post. reCAPTCHA is supposed to be an improvement over CAPTCHA, intelligent and able to evolve gathering data from repeated use. I see no evidence that it has learned anything. I have cookies and history enabled on my browser. There has to be settings you can adjust on your end. I have been able to post after 2 screens on other websites. It also randomly glitches out and you have to start over. It is maddening that persistent SPAMMERS are still posting in multiple threads. It is not everyday but it is every week.

I think Toon Boom could use the help of a number of trusty volunteers in different time zones to deal with the spam on the forum.

Hm, one possible way to protect the forum from spammers might be that the first 3 or 5 posts of new members must be approuved by the forum moderator.