Forgot to Deactivate My License Before Uninstalling Animate 3

Hi there,

I recently purchased an Animate 3 Single User License. Once I got it, I tested it on an old computer to make sure it is working well. However, I wanted to use it on another computer, so I uninstalled it, but unfortunately without deactivating my license. What should I do?? I know it is a stupid mistake, but it happened, so could you please help me.

If you still have your old computer, reinstall Animate 3, return your license from that computer, then uninstall it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have it. To be specific, I had to reinstall Windows completely, so I lost all of my license files. Now, when I reinstall Animate, I get the license activation wizard and I am unable to use the activation key I have.

In that case you will need to contact support.

This is what I did, but I thought I might find an answer in the forums.

Thank you very much.

can anyone help with this one??