Force Toon Boom Harmony to use more CPU/GPU

I have Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 and I heard the 64-bit should be able to render bigger files because it can use more memory than the 32-bit but I can’t seem to export videos more than 20-25 seconds long when I have 8 gb of memory. Is there a way to boost toon boom to make it render more?

How have you determined that 20-25 second length limit? Are you receiving messages stating it can’t be done? Is Harmony crashing? What do these projects consist of? What resolution are you working with and rendering to?

You could consider breaking up your projects into small increments to keep the project file size more manageable.

Piece the sections together in a video editor.

Some people also wait until the video editing stage to swap in a higher quality soundtrack after working with a more manageable low grade sound file.