For the LOVE of the Animation GAWDS WHY???

Okay this is driving me NUTS!

Why the heck when Im drawing or even if I move something in TBA Pro 2 does the tool switch to the HAND tool then I cant get it off the hand tool no matter what I do?

Unless I restart the program, I want to update to the next version or even to Harmony but whats the use, the program is extremely buggy.

I apologize for the rants but if anyone can shed some light on this it would be great.

I am using a Mac OS X 10.8.5

You should open a support ticket.

I have not experienced that with AP3.

I have no idea whether you have a mouse along with a tablet but it sounds like something going on with the mouse off the top of my head.

Is there a mouse attached to your system when using TB?

Is it an Apple mouse of another brand?

Do you use a tablet?

Which brand and model, if so?

It is an offical apple wireless mouse and keyboard.

Using a Cintiq 21UX

I have recently updated to Mavericks, still get the same issue but at times I use the keyboard viewer that this was causing the issue but no.

Is there a sort of sticky key setting somewhere in TBP 2?

Have a look at the Preferences of the software and on the “Shortcuts” tab - go to the “General” section to see what “Free Pan and Zoom” is set to.

Something in your tablet is activating this key combinatiom (along with clicking with the mouse) to make the hand tool appear. If you’re stuck contact support to have a look.