For animators of all types and directions!

Creative Friends! Visit It is for animators of all types and directions!

In this site we can really become the richest and most famous animator on the planet! Let’s participate in multibudgetary (from $10,000 to $1,000,000) and international competitions! It is a really exciting project!

It’s kind of strange, because I’ve been working all summer of a short piece where my main character is dancing. So I’m wondering, and haven’t seen the answer clearly on their site, who retains the copyright/ownership of the submitted clips? Mine is part of a much larger idea, and I’m not jeopardizing my control of my character’s image.
Other things become less clear as I read more of their site- can someone win $10,000, then walk away? And the phrase “finding sponsors” is kind of a buzz-kill. Before emailing them directly with questions, I thought we could feed on rumor and innuendo… I mean, post about it and share whatever info we’ve discovered.