Font compatibility issues...

I just downloaded a couple new sexy fonts from the internets. Some show up in the Properties tab, but others don’t. Any thoughts?


For the font to show up they need to be truetype fonts to start with. If they are not the software won’t load them. If they are but you still can’t see them or they just output corrupted characters first make sure you can use them in other software. After that let us know and we will see if there is something special about that specific font.

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I’m having an issue with Open Sans (a google font) not showing up as an option in my Toon Boom Harmony 17 Premium font list. I’ve loaded it correctly and it’s avaiable in all of my other programs. Is there any reason this font isn’t working? Any advice on getting it to work? Thanks!

Hello MichaelDFV,

Please create a new thread asking about Open Sans in Harmony 17, as this thread is 9 years old and for Toon Boom Studio, which is a completely different product.

Thanks for understanding and best of luck getting your issue fixed!