Follow through and overlap with deformers

I want to have smooth arm animations like in this video but I have deformers and everything distorts if move something outside the deformation. Can anyone give me some advice on how to have smooth animations without getting rid of my deformations?

Can you post an image of the prob?

Are you breaking up parts for separate layers and deformation rigs?

The idea is that deformers on separate layers have no effect on other layers and will only deform objects on their layer.

You might also have to adjust the area of influence in tool properties.

I am not sure I have the situation imagined correctly in my mind but it sounds like you are missing a peg within which you place the deformer and its target then you can move that peg so the deformer and target maintain their range relationship.

Upper and lower arm are under the deformer and the hand is under the kinematic output and I don’t have a specific example right now but whenever I move a peg under the deformation it distorts because it’s moving outside the range of the deformation.