Folders in exposure view

I’d like to be able to put elements into a folder so I don’t have to hide/unhide elements when I have a million of them.


Have you tried using a peg under which you attach your group of elements that you collapse before you hide it?



Thanks for the reply.

Under the Timeline Tab I can add a peg that will function as a collapsible folder. Under the Exposure Sheet tab I can only add drawing, image, sound, or media. I want to be able to see folders (or comparable item) under the exposure sheet tab so I can group elements in that tab.

For example in Flash CS3 I will draw all of the elements of a character and put them into a symbol. In the Library I have a folder named “man1 parts” containing all of the body parts, and another folder named “Man1” which contains the symbols of my rigged up character (in differrent poses, etc). I can then expand or collapse the folders as needed. I drag the desired man1 symbol onto the stage and presto.

What do you guys think?


I understand your point, this was an exposure sheet request more then a timeline one.

I will forward it to the product manager.

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Thank you for the validation. I’m happy to hear that I’m not just failing to find this feature in the software.

Folders as an organizational tool that would work both on the timeline and on the exposure sheet would be a significant improvement to TBS. Using pegs as folders is a “work around” at best.

Specifically, we should be able to create a folder on the timeline or on the exposure sheet and drag elements into that folder. The folder should not be a peg or have any other function beyond letting us hide or unhide elements to provide better visual management and to reduce screen clutter when working on the timeline and the exposure sheet. And the folder should be cross linked on both documents (timeline and exposure sheet) as a single entity. In other words, when we create a folder and use that folder it should be reflected identically on the timeline and on the exposure sheet.

And while you guys are at it, you may as well add the ability to annotate and draw directly in a special exposure sheet column using a drawing tool just like the feature currently offered in Pencil Check Pro, this is a long overdue feature that would enhance animating and syncing.