I have Toon Boom Harmony Advanced 14.0 and when I render my artwork… the background and foreground are out of focus.
How can I keep them in focus without adjusting the depth/position of my art from the top view.
I want the trees in the distance to pan slowly from right to left.
I want the closer trees to pan faster, and the even closer trees to pan faster, but I don’t want to flatten the drawing.
I want depth in the layers, but I want all of the layers to be in focus.
I can’t seem to get rid of the blurriness; see image.

Hi kaprphish,

From what I see in the screenshot, it seems like some of your layers have a BlurRadial effect layer under them. I assume they are attached to the layers getting blurred in your SoftRender.
Can you make sure the Radial value of the Blurs is at 0?

If you don’t want Blur on these layers throughout your scene, I would recommend getting rid of the BlurRadial effect layer.