Focus on Mouse Enter and support for multiple displays

Currently Focus on Mouse Enter ignores floating view windows (most at least as there are a few exceptions). Generally, if a view window is nested within the main workspace Focus on Mouse Enter acknowledges it.

This would be more useful if all open view windows participated in Focus on Mouse Enter. It is not efficient having views buried in the nested workspace. With commonly available large screens it makes sense to spread view windows out. That requires opening some independently. I don’t see any value in excluding the floating view windows.

Separate from this, it is well past due for Toon Boom to support multiple displays.

not sure what you mean by the lack of multi display support. i have (and have done so for years) one screen fully dedicated to the “main” camera window, and a 2nd screen that has my timeline, node view, colors, etc. on it. sometimes i even spread those across 3 screens. this is on 2 separate mac pros, and with some pretty large monitors (one being a cintiq 27).

yet all is not well… i will bring up my own major gripe (again): that all of these window/palettes that i have placed meticulously like this reset EVERY SINGLE TIME i open a project and/or harmony, regardless of my interface setup being saved/recalled. they all collect to a single screen and i have to resize and reposition everything, sometimes even have to re-open windows that harmony has decided to close. this problem has existed for years, i can’t believe it is not fixable. no other creative software (expensive or not) that i use multi-screen seems to have this lame, amateurish oversight.

so yes, toonboom really ought to get wise to modern multi-display workflow. or maybe they’re just used to their bread-and-butter being a studio full of robo-grunts droning over single-cintiq workstations and that’s all they care to support reliably?

You described how the software does not support multiple displays. What are you unsure of?

Retaining dual screen workspaces (at least) can be worked around by opening the software and immediately shifting the intro screen over to the secondary display before opening a project.

I have dual screen workspaces saved that repopulate exactly how I saved them. But I have only done this with two displays. Other users have reported problems getting this to work when using more than two displays. My third display is dedicated to a separate system that I use for supporting material like the manuals, internet research and Photoshop.

The issue is that multiple screens are not officially supported so all of the glitchy behavior is written off. For instance, if you open a new project while the software is already open, sometimes you can retain the multiple screen layout if you move the setup screen over, other times everything reassembles and dumps out onto the main screen. If something acts up Toon Boom does not officially support multiple displays so you have to live with things that would otherwise receive attention. On our end it is extra important to have a strong video card and plenty of RAM.

The workaround is to open existing and new projects from a state of closed software and immediately shift the intro screen over to the secondary display.

I mentioned supporting multiple displays in this context because Focus on Mouse Enter does not support floating displays while spreading view windows out on multiple displays requires the use of floating displays.