Focus Module Problem

My name is Davi and I purchased the Toon Boom Animate Pro software for Mac Os.

I am now trying to learn how to use the FOCUS module, and I found this tutorial on the ToonBoom webpage:

The problem is that I get stuck right in the beginning because what it says on the tutorial just doest work for me when I try it. <br /><br />After I created a multiplane scene, added a camera and dragged the focus module to my network view, the tutorial tells me to right click on the side view and select Control Parameters so the focus curve appears. Thats where I get stuck. Right-clicking on the side view doest bring any menus to find the "Show Control Parameters". I also tried the shortcut C, and nothing happens, it seems its assigned to the cutter tool, and so I went to preferences and found out the correct shortcut is command-F11. That doest do anything either. I even tried changing the shortcut to C, that doest work either. I thought it might be a problem with where the mouse pointer is, since when I click the side view, the focus module gets deselected on the network view, so I also went to the Preferences - General - Focus On Mouse Enter and tried with that option on and off. Stilll, I just can`t do anything to make the focus curve appear in the Side View. I tried pressing C (and command-F11) with the mouse pointer hovering in the side view, after I click and select side view (deselecting the Focus module at the network view) then I changed the “Focus on Mouse Enter” at Preferences-General Tab, and tried that again, nothing. I even tried pressing C, or Command-F11 while on the network view. Nothing works.

Please help me figure out how to make the FOCUS CURVE appear.

Thank you

You seem to be looking at a video for Digital Pro, not Animate Pro, and the function has changed a bit since then. We don’t use the Focus Curve anymore.

Check out the section on the Focus module in the User Guide, under Enhancing with Effects.

The way to use the module is to attach it to either a drawing layer or a Peg layer. If you attach it to a Peg, then you can move the peg with the Transform tool or the Move tool to the z-space where you’d like the focus to be.

If you attach it to a drawing layer, then the z-position of the drawing layer will be the area in focus.