Focus Blur between foreground and background - ANY HELP?

Hi Guys,

I’m using Animate 2, and I am wondering if I can create an automated focus blur between foreground and background items?

You know the sort of thing I mean, i have a character in the background which talks, and then I want to emulate moving focus to the foreground character who replies.

Please help with any information.

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I don’t know if you an automate it by moving the camera but you can certainly manually animate the blurs yourself.

If you don’t know what I mean, basically any of the values into the blur you use you can keyframe the values so they change over time.

Hey Raider,

If I can Keyframe the blur settings, then that would be perfect! i will try it now. … Further to this, I have just tried and I am getting very little action. if I change the bezier or ease settings of the layer, what am i actualy looking for to change? Sorry - total novice.

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Adjusting the curves simply change the way the values change. If you remember drawing the xy graphs for rate of change, it is simply that.

I would suggest before you start adjusting you actually change the animate the values. If you are using radial blur then that would be the radius.

You will need to change the viewport to opengl mode to see the effect change (have a look at my particles tutorials to see how to do this).

Then once you have go the start and end values to what you want you can use the bezier to change the speeds the values changes (like maybe you want a quick burst of change and gradual change, initally it just changes at a linear rate).


Thanks for this info…

The problem I am having is that, if I was - for example - animating a hand movement, I would press the animate button and move it and a key frame would be created for the beginning and end and movements automatically “inbetweened” etc…

But when I use the effects and change them in this way, no keyframe is created - it just creates the effect across the whole layer. Then, if I insert a keyframe into the effect layer - the opportunity to alter the radial blur is removed and I cannot change? I must surely be doing something wrong?

Let me know any ideas, or pointers towards what I should be doing.

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that definitly shouldn’t be the case.

I did a quick test and had no issues doing it.

You can manually force a keyframe down when you start by pressing F6.

Also maybe expand the blur so you can see the radius on the timeline?

You are doing something from but it sounds like you understand the process so it is hard to say what exactly you are doing wrong.

Try watching the kickstart videos on effects.

Hey Raider…

GREAT SHOUT about expanding the layer to show the radius, this worked perfectly. Altering the graph over timeline is perfect.

Cheers buddy, problem solved!

Thanks so much,

glad you got it working :smiley: