.flv plays to fast when frame rate's correct?


I’m freaking out here since I need to have this job turned in first thing on Tuesday. After dealing with support via email, we’ve determined I have to export in .flv but when I do my 81 frame animation ends at frame 50 when brought into Flash.

I’ve made sure my frame rates match. Both Animate and Flash are set to 15fps. I even made sure the .flv export is set to 15fps.

When I export as an .swf it works fine…but I have to use .flv for quality issues with bitmaps.

Hopefully there’s support over a holiday weekend :’(


Hello Rob,

For the quickest support you should email support@toonboom.com.
Likely support will need to see your project in order to determine
what is going on. If the project setting is 15fps and the movie
output settings are 15fps, then the resulting movie should also be 15fps.