Floating Windows in Animate

I would like to use animate / pro, but one detail has been a major “workflow” problem - enough to keep me from buying the full licence:

After setting up my workspace and undocking various windows (i.e. timeline, network view, etc) from the main window, when I jump from Animate to another program and back again, I have to bring all of the windows back individually, or manually go into the workspace menu and reload my saved workspace.

There are taskbar icons for each and every floating window, instead of just one (Like TB Studio, for example). Pour quoi? I wish I could just click on the Animate icon and have my workspace automatically restored.

This was a major headache in Animate 2, and it is still there.

I am using windows 7 pro 64 bit.

Am I missing something?

As long as you save your workspace with a unique name after you arrange your windows and quit while in that workspace it should open in the same workspace the next time you launch the program. At least it does for me, though I should clarify that I am running Animate Pro 2 on a Mac. I’ve also done this in Animate Pro 3 PLE.

Re: the icons in each window, go to the top menu bar and click on Windows > Toolbars to select or deselect icons for any of your windows. You can also right-click on a window’s toolbar to customize it.

Hope this helps.

Maybe I didnt explain properly - No problems with automatically loading the custom workspace when the program starts, I meant that when I jump to another program without closing Animate, (ie. using another program that covers a Animate window like a music player, internet browser, etc), then when click back in the main Animate window I have to either manually reload the workspace again, or individually bring up each un-docked panel that was covered by the other program.
I am pretty sure this problem is PC specific.
It is not a HUGE problem to manually reload the workspace, but it is a speedbump, and it adds up to a lot of time over a long project.
No other programs on PC behave like this (Adobe CS, Sony Vegas, Protools, TB Studio, etc). Any undocked windows remain under the “umbrella” of the main program window, and appear and disappear in conjunction with it.

Yes, I can see how this could be annoying . . . definitely a speed bump. Also, you are probably correct in thinking this may be PC specific, as I do not experience this on my Mac when switching to another program and back again to Animate.