Floating Ground Layer Problem

Hi Guys,

This is my first project on TBHE and there is still a few things that I wonder how to do.

In most scenes the camera move is relatively small to not have any problem with this, but I’ve been working on this one shot where the camera dives inside the scene and I can not figure out a way to get my elements more grounded. Since my floor layer it pushed back in z space by the background layer anything close to the camera looks like it’s floating when moving the camera too drastically.

Here is the shot I’m working on:

Also, I’ve been having trouble vectorising large images into TB, anyone know the maximum file dimensions for Essential?.. having to work on a bitmap images is pretty shitty, as well as adding a whole bunch of white edging and anomalies when rendering .png to final .mov.
I’m really hopping I can cut those large elements in smaller pieces in order to vectorise them and preserve as much details as possible during that zoom in. Any tips on that would also be of great help!

Thanks for a lot,


Hi Alex,

What you need is actually building your factory in 3D space with your 2D images like this tutorials:

The ground should be made with an image with no forced perspective. You then rotate the image 90 degree in X.
As long as all your factory elements are touching the ground plain, these objects won’t float.