Floating an object independent of camera movement


I have a room with tables that I’m panning across by moving the camera view. I’m creating a parallax effect by moving the objects in the foreground slightly faster than the rest, and the ones in the background slightly slower. I want to animate different objects flying off the table and land in a suitcase that appears in the bottom left corner, independently of the camera panning across the room (ie. it should appear static on top of the action, like an ‘inventory icon’). I’ve tried countering the camera movement for the suitcase by moving it in the other direction at the same time and speed, but this is shocky and altogether not a elegant solution. Can anyone enlighten me?


Just an idea… if I were going to do this I would set everything up on depth layers and complete a mock up animated sequence of the things coming off the table and flowing into the suitcase (or whatever you want). I might not bother using anything but geometric objects just to get the rhythm and flow correct. I would do this without moving camera animation first. Once that was worked out I would animate the camera. After I worker out the rough and with this experience under my belt I would go back and redo it with the intended drawing quality and fine tune things.

Drag your “Suitcase-Layer” into the Camera-Peg.
Your Suitcase will always stay with the Camera-View.
If needed, keyframe the Suitcase inside the Camera-Peg.

Thanks, it’s useful to know other people’s working processes. This doesn’t answer my question though! I need to know how an object stays static, independent of camera movement.

Thank you, this is very helpful. My camera-and-its-peg were originally at the bottom of the layer list, which caused the suitcase to not be visible anymore when I moved it into the peg. I moved the layer to the top, but the problem persists (suitcase is not visible). Any idea why this could be happening? I am such a noob.

I’ve now managed to find out that changing the 3D position (Z-axis) in the properties panel will move the object to the front. However, moving and scaling it are now undoable, as the object (the suitcase) does no longer respond normally to moving it with the regular mouse cursor, but instead flies around like crazy! Any tips to end this misery?

Check your Suitcase-Layer in the Timeline for keyframes / delete them all.
Make sure the “Animate” Button is unchecked.
Then use only the “Transform” Tool to position or scaling your Object.